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Press and 
Past works


Benee, Wearing Emmajing Silk Vest and

Sleeves, Emmajing X Taylor Groves Draped skirt. 

Syling: Zara Louise 

Makeup: Lochie Stonehouse

Hair: Sean Mahoney

Fashion Quartely Winter 'Force of Nature' 2021

Emma Jing and Taylor Groves show
Photographer Ana-Janine Soniega.


Emma Jing Purple Tank + Sleeves, Taylor Groves Trousers. 

Photographer: Binh Minh Ha


Blue Bubble Dress + Bubble Bag. 

Photographer: Binh Minh Ha

2021 Ann-Zome,

Photographer: Matt Hurley,

Styling/Creative Direction: Franca Chase,
Styling Assistant: Ursula Crawford.

Catherine Boddy, for Sabotage MFG online.

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